“Faire Le Mur” is a French expression which directly translates to “do the wall”, divergent to jump over the wall. Raison d’être escape from restrictions of boundaries, to freedom. Impressioned by Claire Denarie-Soffietti and daughter Victoire, this art brook was birthed.


Lyrically exploding limitations of confinement, by expression of exhilarate colour and pattern, we Faire le Mur - her vision is on the wall. Holding onto time-relativity, the splash terms are known evocations or provocations of multi-portrait commentary.

Faire Le Mur offers our collectors their own reign of expression. Galvanise your chosen pieces from the Claire Denarie-Soffietti Original collection and have it translated into various formats and materials. To your adjoining, the acquisition of high quality art installations is to level your Claire-Denarie-Soffietti Fine Art Originals.

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